Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lakers v. Celtics

(My regrets for being a day late in posting--it was a busy Saturday)

Dan writes about the Celtics series-clinching win in Game 6 over the Lakers. Every day is Thanksgiving, he tells us. (I think Christmas may have been the more apt metaphor).

Decent article with three comments from Ma's basement

- Shaughnessy says, "The Celtics led, 24-21, after one, a quarter dominated by a couple of former University of Connecticut Huskies." but he only discusses the effort of one (Allen) and not the other (Hamilton). I am willing to bet he may be the victim of bad editing on that one.

- Strange quote from Kevin Garnett. Talks about how he loved to watch the Celtics play the Lakers on Sunday afternoons with the "fire going". Garnett is from South Carolina--hard to imagine fires going in June in South Carolina.

- Manufactured Nickname Alert: Shaughnessy loves to dole out the nicknames - hoping something will stick perhaps so he can launch his next book with a catchy name. In this case, we have an in incomplete sentence tied with it. He discusses the Celtics return to greatness. "With the New Three."

Standard fare otherwise - not bad, not great. I am grateful he spared us from calling it "David Stern's dream matchup" because that one is wearing a little thin on me.

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Roger Bournival said...

My pet peeve is his reference to the Celtics as the 'Green Team'. I remember the 'Green Team' being a reference to the Celtics bench players / second team (Walton, Sichting, Wedman, etc.) You'd think Bob Ryan might have gently reminded him of that.