Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Look at Paul Pierce

Dan has an in-depth look at Paul Pierce. It is not a column, so there isn't much there. It reviews the struggles and development of Paul Pierce over ten tumultuous years for him and the Celtics franchise and Dan manages to tie it together nicely at the end.

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Chris said...

It's 11:15pm on Thursday, with the Celtics hanging on by a thread in the 4th. Earlier, Paul Pierce had gone down with what appeared to be a catastrophic injury. Ten minutes later, he bounced back from the locker room to a thundering cheer.

Cue the Shank's obligatory reference to Bird doing pretty much the same thing.

It's six-plus hours before Shank's column 'hits the street,' and I can GUARANTEE you that he'll make reference to this.

What a sad, predictable sports media hack Shaughnessy has become. It would be somewhat palatable if he didn't 'pile on' with pettiness, bitterness, anger, rage, and jealousy. Most of those are predominantly female traits, but we'll leave that comparison for another day.