Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Your Front Page Columnist

He sucks.

The piece is meandering and pointless. There is no passion or excitement. It is a tepid recap with Shank mostly talking about the past. (I think he had a bet to see how many times he could get Auerbach's name into the column.) And of course there is the irrelevant Belichick reference.

Read Bob Ryan instead.


Anonymous said...

This was an offensive column and I personally think he should be fired for saying the Lakers lost because they have "too many Europeans". Is that really any different than saying that they have "too many blacks" or "too many whites" or "too many Asians"? Absolutely disgraceful. I hope he gets in hot water for that one.

And he starts the whole flipping recap by saying these team is good but not as good as those good ole Larry Bird Celtics. What a jerk.

Dave M (signing in as anonymous)

roger bournival said...

The Celtics win a championship and this is the best he can do? This is one weak column, even by Shank's standards.

Anonymous said...

Awful. Just awful.

Sunday Sunflower Seeds said...

I read like a sentence and stopped. What an idiot.