Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Secret Formula

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I had to go back and check if the Globe had reprinted Monday's column by mistake. Dan must use some Mad Libs like template to write these things. Rip at Schilling? Check. Obligatory game trivia, including celebrity roll, shoehorned into the middle of the column? Check.

The column isn't a bad recap of the game, but the columns are depressingly formulaic. Instead, read Bob Ryan.


Chris said...

I think they're formulaic because both Ryan and Shaughnessy are pumping out columns on an almost daily basis. Years ago, when there was no compelling reason for panic, the Globe would have both columnists on a once- or twice-weekly schedule.

Anonymous said...

The rip against Schilling only shows again how out of touch Shank is with the average fan. For those of us who can't afford and never will sit court side, we are interested in what happens on the bench during time outs and breaks. Schilling filed us in at least on what happened on the LA bench ... Shank is too busy trying to find metaphors and analogies to 80's movies to provide what were are really interested in reading.