Saturday, July 30, 2016

I Want Answers!

Eighteen months after the saga of Deflate started, Shank has taken great satisfaction at taking numerous shots at the New England Patriots organization and at one point called Tom Brady and the Patriots cheaters based on the possibility of Tom's alleged involvement in deflating footballs below the league minimum of 12.5 PSI. Today he demands answers from Tom Brady.
Tom Brady says nothing in public anymore. A few days into training camp, in the middle of this big bowl of awkward, Brady’s message appears to be . . . “I’m on to Cleveland.”

Brady’s six months of silence officially stretches into August Sunday. He has not answered any questions since those painful moments after the Patriots were waxed by the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game. He’s posted on Facebook a few times and issued a boilerplate statement after accepting his suspension.

But there’s been no Brady availability since January and it’s possible Brady might stay in Garbo-Manny Ramirez mode right up until he comes off suspension before the Patriots’ Week 5 matchup in Cleveland on Oct. 9.
It is the height of arrogance and disingenuous behaviour for Shank to spend the better part of two years beating the living crap out of Brady, then expecting answers from the guy he assaulted in the newspapers.

Hey, Danny Boy - remember the time Larry Bird didn't talk to you for six plus months because you reported on the bar fight he got in just before the 1985 playoffs? I don't think anyone's this stupid - Shank knows full well that blowtorching an athlete will result in a future lack of cooperation with the media. He's previously acknowledged that local media are bloodthirsty, and now he expects Brady to forget all that shit and cooperate with Shank and his fellow blowtorchers. I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen.

Well, He Does Work For The Globe

Apparently Shank believes people that borrow money from a government and fail in a business venture belong in jail:

Friday, July 29, 2016

Ask A Stupid Question

Was this Shank talking to Patriots coach Bill Belichick? Wotta maroon!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

On The Road Again

The Red Sox begin a long road trip, but not before losing three straight games to the Detroit Tigers. You bet your ass Shank's doing a column about it:
The Red Sox are 55-44, just 2½ games behind first-place Baltimore after the Orioles lost Wednesday night. But the Sox are 21-23 in one- or two-run games and they are 8-30 in games in which they score four or fewer runs (those would be playoff-type games). They are 3-36 when they trail after seven innings, 2-36 when they trail after eight. They have only two walkoff wins, which ties them with the lowly Rays for worst in the American League.
Anyone who was listening to Tony Massarotti Tuesday afternoon around 3:00 could have told you the same thing. What a lazy prick.
David Price gets the ball Thursday night against the Angels and Price is well-served to be 3,000 miles from the barking dogs and wiseguy columnists who are painting him as the new Carl Crawford/Matt Young.
This, from the guy who said he won't judge David Price until he sees a full year from him, while disingenuously trying to hide behind unnamed 'wiseguy columnists'.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dick Nixon, Before He Dicks You!

Shank thought he was being cute with this tweet:

Reader reaction was swift and brutal:

Rehash Radio - XVIII

Think Shank's trip to Cooperstown was part of the discussion this morning?

Monday, July 25, 2016

And Now For More Boston Globe Bashing - XXXIX

Why does the Boston Globe hate its own customers?
The Globe is sending notes to subscribers today: Starting Aug. 1 they will no longer get credits for stopping the paper while on vacation, unless their vacations are at least 22 days long.
Which will be very few vacations. Just another way of 'enhancing revenue' while pissing off some subscribers. Brilliant!
Don't worry, subscribers: You can still stop the paper coming while you're away, so your house won't look like it's putting out the welcome mat for burglars, it's just that now you'll have to pay the Globe for that privilege.

New York State Of Mind

Shank recounts the four days he spent in Cooperstown, New York, where he...
I was there to humbly accept the J.G. Taylor Spink Award, presented annually to someone who’s covered baseball for a long time. But let’s get this straight: The lucky baseball scribe who accepts the award is not “inducted” or “enshrined.” The writer is not a Hall of Famer. That title is reserved for players, managers, and the occasional owner or general manager who has had a seismic impact on the game.
Which is precisely what we've been saying since this 'award' was announced.

Let's also get another thing straight - Shank's well aware he's an asshole and is disliked:

■ See Eddie Murray and Jim Rice having breakfast together. Had old tension with both so I’m careful not to interrupt them. Maybe later.
While hanging out on the spectacular hotel porch, Pedro Martinez emerges from the lobby. I worry. I once said he was a diva on par with Diana Ross. Pedro smiles and hugs me and says we are good now. He understands. “I am part of the media now and I know sometimes you have to be tough,’’ says Pedro.
■ See Murray and take a shot at saying hello. Eddie says, “How did you ever get here?” then smiles and we hug it out. I ask him to make me look good in front of my family next time we see him. “I’ll try,’’ he says.
■ Get a morning e-mail from Jim Palmer, who is driving up from Baltimore. It reads, “Don’t [expletive] up your speech.’’
■ After the awards presentation, each player hops in the back of a truck for a parade to the Hall. I ride with Vin, which is good cover for me. Nobody’s going to boo the firefighter who discovered a baseball in the rubble of 9/11.

UPDATE AT 10:00 PM - Just thought I'd link to a previous post as to precisely why some of these baseball folks are ticked off with Shank.

Monday, Monday

Thank you, Bruce Allen, for giving us the day off!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Jest Wing

Ready for this? The CHB is going into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Well, sort of.

For starters, it's the baseball writer's wing of the Hall. So already it's like kissing your sister (which I'm pretty sure is what got Shank started on his road to fatherhood, which next to his mediocre career has been perhaps his greatest exercise in failure).

Moreover, you know who votes in the inductees? Yep: other writers! That's about as big an accomplishment as getting a mother to love her baby. What a joke. 

More humor. The CHB waxes nostalgic about Earl Weaver. You know who Earl Weaver was? Baseball's first sabermetrician manager. Of course, The CHB is too busy whining about baseball to actually, you know, understand it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Random Tweets, By Dan Shaughnessy

If only there was a particular month to celebrate achievements like this: