Monday, December 11, 2017

Shots Fired!

Did Peter Abraham, Shank's colleague at the Boston Globe, just flip him off? It sure looks that way!

Shank, two days ago:
With the Patriots headed to Minneapolis for the Super Bowl and the Celtics off to a near-historic start, the local baseball team does nothing day after day.
Peter Abraham, today:
For Red Sox, making a smart acquisition — not a fast one — is what matters

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — The temptation is to demand action. The Red Sox must make a move after the Yankees traded for Giancarlo Stanton and they must do it now.

But that’s a formula for mistakes, not success.

Spring training starts on Feb. 14, more than two months from now. Making a hasty acquisition proves nothing. Making a smart acquisition, even if it takes a few weeks, is what matters. You can’t win any games in December.
That's Peter Abraham basically calling Shank an asshole.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

And Now For More Boston Globe Bashing - LX

Why are nearly all liberal / leftist institutions chock full of men sexually harassing women?
The department had a “culture problem,” said Linda Henry, the Globe’s managing director. “It had become a boys’ club.”

The Globe has since made a number of management changes across the business side of the organization.
Translation - 'We shitcanned a bunch of men.'

And the result:
The Globe’s review continued after the watershed Weinstein revelations. Henry has been meeting internally with women at the newspaper to discuss workplace culture, as part of the unfolding national discourse on sexual harassment, a movement often referred to by the hashtag #MeToo.

In a number of informal interviews over the past two weeks for this story, women at the Globe had overall positive things to say about the current work culture in the news department where three of the top five jobs are held by women, and 22 of the 44 managers are women. Some have worked here for years and said they had never seen anything that would constitute harassment. Henry said different departments at the Globe seem to have their own cultures, and she was convinced the newsroom climate is “not one of sexual harassment or sexism.”
Which will be fine until the Globe joins the Boston Herald in the financial graveyard.

DHL Dan LXIII - Hot Stove Whining

It was announced about nine hours ago that the New York Yankees have acquired top free agent Giancarlo Stanton. About two hours ago Shank's already complaining about the Red Sox not responding to it:
■ Giancarlo Stanton is about to become a Yankee. This is big, people. The Yankees now have two guys who combined for 111 homers last season. It’s back to Mantle-Maris, circa 1961. The addition of Stanton gives the Bronx Bombers a lineup that includes Stanton, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Didi Gregorius, Brett Gardner, Greg Bird, and Aaron Hicks. The Sox will need more than electronic devices to beat that team. Stanton’s popups to right will be homers in Yankee Stadium. With Derek Jeter helping his old team, the deal is already being compared to Kevin McHale sending Kevin Garnett to the Celtics. Meanwhile, could the Boston baseball winter be any more boring? With the Patriots headed to Minneapolis for the Super Bowl and the Celtics off to a near-historic start, the local baseball team does nothing day after day. And it’s trouble that both Shohei Ohtani and Stanton put Boston on the no-fly list. Guess not everybody wants to play here anymore.
First thing - I continue to be amazed at Shank's ability (and his complete unreasonableness) to whine and bitch about stuff like this. Second thing - I checked a few news stories about this trade (see here and here and here), and I'm unable to verify Shank's hyperbolic statement that "Stanton put Boston on the no-fly list". That's just Shank throwing gas on the fire that he started. Some rational thought on Boston's response can be found here.

From there, it's more baseball stuff and yet another unprofessional criticism of Robert Kraft. Why does he continue to call him Amos Alonzo? Probably because he's still pissed at that Super Bowl breakfast snub from 1996, that's why.

Things that Shank has already written about two dozen times:
■ The AFC has only two good teams and it’s hard to believe the Patriots will be tested any time in January. Most likely to challenge New England is probably the not-so-talented Ravens, because they have two things no one else has: a coach (John Harbaugh) and quarterback (Joe Flacco) who don’t lose their minds at the sight of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.
He didn't notice when McGwire and Sosa were hitting all those home runs but he notices it now:
■ Adderall is on the list of banned substances in major league baseball, but according to Sports Illustrated’s L. Jon Wertheim, a 2013 report stated that 119 major league players had obtained “therapeutic use exemptions,” allowing for a prescription and absolvement from any tests detecting the banned substance. That’s almost 10 percent of the MLB workforce with a permission slip allowing a banned substance. Hmm.

Bonus - Larry Bird sighting!

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Holy Shit

Looks like the lefties and so-called social justice warriors continue their attempts to rewrite history.
The issue is this: In the eyes of some, the Crusader nickname is offensive to non-Christians. Some folks see it as a symbol of slaughters during the 11th century Holy Wars between the Christians and Muslims. Others would argue that a Crusader is simply someone who is fighting for a cause. Webster’s dictionary uses both definitions.
First - so what if a mere name is 'offensive' to someone else? Has a crime been committed, like shouting 'Fire!' in a theatre? In this country we have a First Amendment which implies a right to offend, as Frank Zappa used to note with a label on some of his album covers. The first time I encountered this notion of 'being offended' was in 1993, working a temp. job for Massport. Something happened (I can't remember the contents of the conversation), and one of the weenies I was working with said 'I find that offensive'. I shot him a 'are you serious?' look and walked away, never thinking that this notion would be used in the ensuing decades to effectively curtail speech. In fact, I will amplify my own speech if it offends someone or some people I don't like just to spite them, much like I have been doing with this blog for eight years now with respect to Dan Shaughnessy.

Second, anyone bothering to research the issue for more than five minutes would realize the Crusades began "in response to centuries of Muslim wars of expansion. Their objectives were to check the spread of Islam, to retake control of the Holy Land in the eastern Mediterranean, to conquer pagan areas, and to recapture formerly Christian territories; they were seen by many of their participants as a means of redemption and expiation for sins". I say this as an avowed atheist, who shouldn't give two flying fucks about two groups who go to war with each other over whose book is holier than the other's book. My primary objection is to rewriting and ignoring history by the unwashed hordes of rock dumb Americans who grew up reading Chomsky and Zinn thinking this country is irredeemably racist, sexist, homophobic and bigoted, filled with descendants of slaveholders, Southern rednecks who love NASCAR and pig roasts, and 'climate change' deniers. They can all go jump into Boston Harbor, preferably in a few more weeks during a 'Noreaster.

Third, my high school, Manchester Memorial High School, is nicknamed - you guessed it! - The Crusaders. At least they haven't folded, yet.
This is a tricky issue in this day and age. I live in a town famous for having elementary school kids engage in a recess “tug-of-peace” because “tug-of-war” is too aggressive.

Students writing for the Holy Cross newspaper recently stated, “Why would we not consider changing something that takes away from the experience of our community, even if it is just a single person who takes issue?’’

Many institutions have gone down this path in the last 40 years. The Dartmouth Indians became the Big Green. The St. John’s Redmen became the Red Storm. The UMass Redmen became the Minutemen. The Washington Bullets became the Wizards. The Washington Redskins argument is never going away, and we can all pretty much agree that the Cleveland Indians’ hideous Chief Wahoo is racist — even though everybody in Cleveland seems to love the goofy little guy.

I am not in agreement with the notion that “if one person is offended, we should change things.’’ That’s a black hole from which we can never be rescued. But there’s certainly validity in the opinion that “Crusader” is offensive to some.
I know where most of my friends and Holy Cross classmates stand on this. They don’t want to change. And when I ran into Tommy Heinsohn at the Garden last weekend, it was no surprise to hear Tommy’s outrage about the suggestion.

“It’s nonsense,’’ said the Celtics legend (Holy Cross, 1956). “Political correctness. Gimme a break.
So you have two choices - bend over for a bunch of whining, poorly read leftist zombies every time the pacifier falls from their mouth, or tell them in no uncertain terms to go fuck themselves, for the reasons noted above.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Rehashed Radio?

I'm wondering how much of his (and Tara Shaughnessy's) column(s) was rehashed earlier today:

Monday, December 04, 2017

Introducing Tara 'Shaughnessy'

Look at the crap the newest sports Globie is trying to sell you:
Kudos to the Patriots. But shame on the rest of the AFC East
But shame on the rest of the AFC East.

Shame on you Bills, and Dolphins, and Jets, for making this so easy for the Patriots for so many years now, for turning in season after season of futility and inability to match wits, never mind quarterbacks, with the best-run franchise in the NFL, for living so consistently in the shadow of a Belichick-Brady combination that yes, will go down as the greatest combination of coach and athlete our sports landscape has ever known, but has been able to flourish because everyone else just wilts.
If you're of the camp that winning percentages is the most objective measure of success or failure, this is simply an ignorant statement. We go through this shit every fucking year with Shank, and now it has spread to the newest member of the Titantic Globe's sports bureau. Look at the current win totals for 2016 / 2017 - the AFC East is second in total wins (26) to the NFC South, with 28 wins. Look at the prior year - the AFC East is third in total wins (36) behind the AFC West (38) and the NFC East (39). Look at 2015 / 2016 - the AFC East and NFC South are tied with 36, with the AFC East being the only division with three teams at or above the .500 mark.

The recent re-emergence of Super Bowl wins for the Patriots has forced Shank Shaughnessy (and now his sidekick) to sing this 'AFC East Sucks!' tune because the old assertion that the 'Patriots simply aren't that good' doesn't sell anymore.

...but that neither team could either turn it into a championship run or find a way to build on the breakthrough is as much a testament to their failure as credit to the Patriots’ success.
By what measure, total wins? Between crap like this and the mindless 'Tomato Can' labeling, it's little wonder why the media's been taking a heavy beating recently.

UPDATE AT 5:20 PM- Bruce Allen (formerly of Boston Sports Media Watch) piles on:

Mountain Out Of A Molehill - IV

The New England Patriots won in a convincing fashion yesterday, 23 - 3. Leave it to Shank to focus entirely on the one bad play of the game for the Patriots.
Rob Gronkowski deserves a suspension for his cheap shot on Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White late in the fourth quarter of the Patriots’ 23-3 victory in Buffalo Sunday.

There. Was that so hard?

This is not to say we don’t like Rob Gronkowski. He is one of the best tight ends in the history of football. When healthy, Gronk is virtually unstoppable. He’s also a fun goof who donates to charity, engages fans, and has never been in trouble with the local authorities. He has been a great Patriot and a good citizen and teammate. He’s a Hall of Famer.
More at the link, if you can stomach it.

UPDATE AT 3:55 PM - Gronk's suspended for one game, and Gronk says he will appeal.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Blistering Hot Takes, By Dan Shaughnessy

When it comes to NFL football, Shank's comments are... predictable:
Including his tweets!

Presumably right after the Eric Lee interception:

Blistering Hot Take

It looks like Shank's recovered from his Belichick hissy fit earlier this week.

Reader reaction was less than constructive:

We should be so lucky!

Rearranging The Deck Chairs On The Titantic

Looks like there's a new Globie on the sports staff:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mountain Out Of A Molehill - III

Shank decided to stir the pot an entire day after the incident happened:
Now that we have that out of the way, let me say that there’s no place for Belichick’s boorish, bullying response to a fair question regarding not taking Tom Brady out at the end of Sunday’s blowout vs. the chippy, dirty Dolphins. Furthermore, it’s fair to ask if maybe the Patriots are being arrogant and reckless in the belief that New England’s 40-year-old quarterback is impervious to injury and the aging issues that impact the rest of humanity.

Belichick was out of bounds when he dismissed the Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian for asking about maybe taking Brady off the field when it was 35-17 with less than five minutes left. Meanwhile, Brady and the Patriots — in their cult-like belief that Tom cannot get hurt — are asking for trouble by continuing to expose Brady to unnecessary assaults. Like the 1972 Dolphins, Father Time is undefeated.
I saw that segment live and didn't think it was an overly harsh response from Belichick; in fact, it's the type of response we've come to expect from Belichick when he thinks a question is excessively stupid.

Shank noted but didn't seem too busted up about an earlier Belichick press conference:
On Friday, Belichick was asked about the performance of Austin Carr, an undrafted rookie who made highlight reels with his impressive catch at training camp Thursday. Sounds like an innocent question, right? Well instead of offering some platitude about how Carr looked good and the team was excited to see what he could do, Belichick totally rejected the premise.

Here was his response, via the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin:
Shank's trying to start a fire in the absence of kindling. It's not going to catch.