Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

Lately I have been lamenting the fact that Dan has been mailing it in with formulaic game recaps and recycled columns.

Well he certainly made up for it with today's piece.

Maybe the most obnoxious piece since Shank's lame attack on One joke ("The Celts are sure to win tonight. Just like {insert crushing Boston sports upset here}.") repeated to fill up the column. No insight or new information, just the Danny Downer act that CHB loves so much.

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Anonymous said...

Shank has the obsession with making declarations of when the series will be over. They win a game and he decclares it will be a sweep. They lose a game and the doubt creeps in. This is one of those "Open the door for doubt" articles. It is inane. It is idiotic. It is insipid. It is our beloved Shank.