Friday, June 06, 2008

Chris Called it

Dan writes about last night's game and focuses on Paul Pierce's heroic return to the game after suffering an injury. Said it was mildly reminiscent of Larry Bird's return in a 1991 playoff game. Chris called it here.

Dan also has a piece in which he bookmarks memorable events in his life against years in which the Lakers and Celtics played in series. I did not find it to be bad but rather self-indulgent and boring. He has a snide comment about how it would be against Globe policy now for him to receive cigars from Red Auerbach - why he can't comprehend that it is not a good idea to fraternize with the people you cover is beyond me.


dbvader said...

All sports can be boiled down to a mix of three elements: Bill Belichick; the Red Sox; and Larry Bird.

All things exist in relation to these three constants.

Chris said...

Actually, I'd add a fourth: "I'll take 'The 1980s' for $500, Alex." It seems that this was Shaughnessy's most-favored decade. Almost every column needs to have some oblique reference to the 1980s. I say 'oblique' because Dan formulates these references so that only the most nuanced among us can 'get' them. And in so doing, Dan fashions himself as supremely 'nuanced,' as though we are to bow at his feet with wonder and awe.

Shaughnessy has evolved into a caricature of himself.