Thursday, June 12, 2008

Getting More from Dan Would Be the Ticket

Dan cares for Mother Earth. I can tell because he is a devoted recycler.

Two weeks ago it was "It's Drive Time for Garnett."

Today it's "Getting More From Garnett Would Be the Ticket"


Sunday Sunflower Seeds said...

I'd rather read this though than some over the top Tim Donaghy article, it could always be worse

Anonymous said...

The Big Show on WEEI just tore this column apart.

It was cool.

Anonymous said...

That sound you here is Shaughnessy hastily rewriting his hysterical rant about the Celtics' failure.

JJS37 said...

Again, the douche misses the story. The story is at the end of his "article" where he talks about Kevin running out of gas. Kevin ran out of gas? What do you mean? Isn't he the most conditioned athlete on the floor? The guy who goes hard every practice? THat would be a fair criticism. As far as "getting more," DoucheBag means points. Well, that's not KG. That never was him, it will never be him. He involves all the guys (and yes, to a fault sometimes, but alas, that's who he is), he does every other single thing you could ask and don't ask. Has this guy been watching all year? He makes the extra pass, he jumps the switches up top, he plays hard lockdown D, he tips rebounds out of defensive players hands for his own team, he's an emotional leader, and he picks up his teammates rather than tear them down the way Kobe Bryant does. And because his PPG isn't over 20, "we need more?" Really? I'd be prepared to live and die with KG exactly the way he is. I think I'll win more times with him then without him, and in the playoffs, you only need to go one game over .500

Anonymous said...

What Dan is really saying is that he needs more from his liver. Some of these games are going on almost past midnight, for goodness sakes.