Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Waltons

Shaughnessy has an excellent look at the Walton family. Bill Walton thinks the Celtics will win but is rooting for his son Luke to get a championship. It really is a very nice perspective of how fondly and passionately Bill Walton considered his life in Boston in the mid 1980s. Makes you wonder why he ever moved. Shaughnessy does a very good job with pieces like this and this is one of his better efforts.

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Dave M said...

As an aside, Shaughnessy wrote a piece a few weeks ago lamenting his lack of access to today's athlete. Since that time, he has provided a pretty in depth look at Paul Pierce and threw in some nice nuggets today about Luke Walton. I personally think his original critique about the lack of access was a bunch of crap and I am surprised OB has not weighed in since since he said it was excellent.