Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I Thought the Internet Was Evil?

Dan appears live and in living color on's Celtic Blog.

Here is Dan talking about the history of the matchup:

A few things of note:

-I guess those Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen references take time.

-He picks the Celtics. Let's see how that holds up in the next 24 hours.

-"I'll be at the gym before you"? Huh?

This is Dan talking about the 2-3-2 Finals setup:


So it's okay for Dan to talk to the masses via the internet, but if Curt Schilling ever deigns to talk to the fans through the medium, it is an affront to all that is good and holy.


roger bournival said...

Shaughnessy is to broadcasting as crabgrass is to horticulture...

Chris said...

It's a sad end-game for Shaughnessy, really. No one in the 'new media' wants him because he has spent his time lambasting it. His only appearances are 'throw-me-a-bone' ones on NESN's 10.0 with Ryan (who must feel sorry for his cantankerous cohort) and these limp-wristed attempts on

dbvader said...

You obviously have missed those 4:30 EST appearances with the idiot and vertically challenged Jim Rome.

If it weren't for his spawn, Rome would be the biggest joke in sports talk.

Chris said...

Ohhh...Jim Rome! I have rarely seen a more 'full-of-himself' TV sports personality than him. I wonder if anyone has ever accosted him on a street? If charges were ever pressed, I dare say that the judge would quip, 'You probably deserved it!!"

roger bournival said...

Ohhh...Jim Rome! I have rarely seen a more 'full-of-himself' TV sports personality than him.

Gotta throw Stuart Scott and his Spock eyebrow into that mix.

BTW, great call on the Larry Bird injury reference yesterday, Chris!

Anonymous said...

....LMAO...I wouldn't click on that video for all the tea in China.....hell, shank is irritaiting enough in PRINT....