Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today on Dale & Holley, Theo mentioned that Curt underwent a full physical and MRI. Can we now stop feeling sorry for the poor Red Sox who were swindled by the scheming Curt Schilling?


Anonymous said...

Of course they did. Any team or GM who didn't require that any pitcher (no matter one in his 40's) successfully pass a physical and MRI before finalizing a deal would be nuts.

ObjectiveBruce said...

Yup. Quite a tragedy. Pitcher doesn't even pick up a baseball and his arm and career gosouth. Pitcher pockets $8M.

It's one of the great tragedy of our times. Pitcher goes 7 innings, gives up six hits, no runs, walks one, strikes out four in his last appearance. Rests for a few months, uses arm only to sign new contract. Bang! Discomfort in January! Can't pitch!

Somewhere in this favored land there is a young lad who will someday grow up to be a Cy Young award winner. Perhaps he will someday do kissy-face interviews for a fee to fund research into what caused the spontaneous combustion of a Hall of Fame arm.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me if I'm not crying a river over the Red Sox spending $8 million and getting no return this season as it happens ALL the time with different players. It is also much like the photo negative situation that happens all the time when a young player is lights out for a year and gets league minimum because he has no options.

Anonymous said...

And yes shit happens ... I remember when I blew out my shoulder ... I was just stretching and felt something weird and heard a pop ... 6 months later after enduring cortisone shots, rehab etc. I needed surgery

Anonymous said...


Another tragedy: Shank makes about $80K and people hate him.

Your pal,


dbvader said...


How about sticking with what you know instead of assuming the worst of Schilling at every turn? Schilling passed a physical and later got hurt. We don't know how hard he worked, but you feel free to assume that Schilling did nothing.

Paul said...

"Forgive me if I'm not crying a river over the Red Sox spending $8 million and getting no return"

True...I mean, they got burned for more money over a longer period of time by Matt Clement.

Anonymous said...

For people who are crying over the $8 million the Sox lost by resigning Schilling, just remember that the Yankees beat out the Sox when Carl Pavano was a free agent ... four-year contract worth $39.95 million. For their money they got a pitcher who missed the entire 2006 & 2008 seasons, started 19 games, won 5 games lost 6.

objectivebruce said...

How did Schilling get hurt?

Did pitching through injuries in '07 finish him? Did something happen in the off season? Did the shoulder deteriorate through normal use? Did expected rejuvenation through rest fail to be achieved during the off season? Did the tendon simply deteriorate as the result of the disease identified by his doctors?

The Great Schill was using his blog to bypass the traditional media, but I'll be damned if I can find an explanation of just what happened on the increasingly hysterical 38 Pitches. Is it the cumulative effect of years of pitching with a shoulder that had problems? Is it sore from years of pitching? Is it sore from going all out for another title in '07? When did the discomfort begin? Was it just "not right" or did he have some sort of sudden pain? Tell me where I can find these fun facts.

By the way, how much does he weigh? One would think that weight updates would be a regular feature on the increasingly hysterical 38 Pitches, especially during the time that he still had hope of restarting his career. After all, pounds are a lot harder to take off after age 40. Sounds like just the thing to be covered on the increasingly hysterical 38 pitches in order to head off the dreaded pencil press engaging in mindless and uniformed speculation about the correlation between the observed size of his waist and his reported "weight clause"

dbvader said...

What does it matter? How much do you know about any injury to a professional sports player? It is a player's legal right to reveal as much as they want. The team and, especially, the doctor cannot say anything without the player's position. Therefore, what we know about the injury is the same regardless of whether Curt had a blog.

I love how you keep moving targets. First it's "Curt could be lying because Dan wrote the opposite", ignoring the weight of the evidence.

Now it's "Curt's not telling us everything", which you seem to feel he has to do.