Monday, June 09, 2008

The Seasons Change, Dan Stays the Same

You have to feel for Dan. With the game all but over midway through the fourth quarter, Dan probably was on cruise control. But with the Lakers' furious comeback, Dan was forced to do some work, however little it was.

Dan's game columns have taken on a depressing familiarity. About halfway through the column, Dan shoehorns some trivia from the game, including the celebrity attendance roll. Wilt Chamberlain could have risen from the dead to play for the Lakers and Dan would need to fill space with celebrity sightings and passive-aggressive shots at Curt Schilling. Don't want those bon mots to go to waste, regardless of when they were written.

Then the column concludes with an uninspired game recap, filled with statistics.



Anonymous said...

Here's the problem:

Because the S.S. Globe is going down, all we have is Dan and Ryan. Peter May, gone. Jackie M., gone.
So it's a steady diet of CHB now, and forever.


Chris said...

I and most others are getting VERY weary of all these references to decades past and players past that Dan makes. Dan: We get it. We get that the 1980s and 1990s were some sort of 'heyday' for you. Which is a backhanded sort of way for you to say that the decade we're in now isn't to your liking. Agreed: This decade is a tough one. But don't bludgeon people with the fact that 'you were around' when Bird, McHale, et al roamed the earth.

ObjectiveBruce said...

Very good Timmy! Of course, Shaughnessy was writing for page one on big game days even before May and McMullan left.

But nice effort! Keep it up! We all look forward to your "take" on things!

Anonymous said...

Right on time, OB! Remain calm, OB! All is well!

Your pal,


roger bournival said...

Of course, Shaughnessy was writing for page one on big game days even before May and McMullan left.

I guess Dan's the cat's ass then, right?

It is settled. Thus spake OB...

Anonymous said...

You read Bob Ryan's work this week and it's clear Ryan still loves his job. His words are practically jumping off the page.

CHB ... *yawn.*

OB, if CHB is the Page One guy and Ryan isn't, then that's example No. 234325345 or so that the Globe is one seriously screwed-up place.