Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not As Bad As I Thought, But Still Bad

As commentators have pointed out, the Shilling injury piece was inevitable. It was mostly laudatory, but Dan did go out of his way, eschewing facts and reason, to bash Curt.

- "An increasingly hilarious" Huh? Why Dan? It must be great to just throw a line out there and not have to back it up.

- "I hate to offend the fragile psyches of Schill-o-phants, blog-boys, and others who worship at the altar of Curt, but there are a few indelicate points that might be made about all this."

Ah yes, the only people who would defend Curt are sycophants and "bloggers", the most evil group of people ever constituted.

The only indelicate point is the contract that Schilling signed. Dan suggests that Curt wasn't fully forthcoming about the health of his shoulder/arm. Does he have any proof? Of course not! It's the typical millionaires vs. billionaires dispute, but I have a hard time believing that a business worth close to a billion dollars didn't fully investigate the health of a player to be signed.

So, the Red Sox took a risk in signing Schilling and it didn't work out. Now we are supposed to feel bad for the Red Sox? Dan must have gone through some impressive mental gymnastics to get to that conclusion. It wouldn't have anything to do with those dinners with Powder and the inside scoops from Lucchino, would it?

No link because I refuse to make it easy for people to read Shank.


James said...

Well, if Shank can write a column containing points made without any corroboration, I can happily trash that same column without even reading it. Hoisted with his own petard, as it were.

roger bournival said...

DB Vader, For what it's worth, I think you ought to link to his articles, as bad as they are. It would make it easier for people like myself to comment on other parts of his 'writing', and I'm 98% sure that one commenter (take a guess who that's gonna be) will call you on it in his own special way.

Jerry Gutlon said...

I had to laugh out loud when I saw today's "column," uh, diatribe. Like most, I definitely saw it coming.

But, here's something you all can look forward to: My upcoming book, It Was Never About The Babe (Skyhorse Publishing), which will be in print in March, 2009.

Guess who I hoist on his own petard? Hee hee hee...

Anonymous said...

Shaughnessy is a joke. This is all stuff he has done before - praise Schilling and then rip him. None of this is new - he has praised Schilling's big game heroics and he then attacks Schilling's integrity. You are right DB - there is no substantiation whatsoever. The Red Sox shoulld have performed due diligence and if they did not, shame on them

Anonymous said...

I was listening to D&C yesterday as they ripped Shank's column ... they had a good point, if Schilling appearing on their show for charity is a paid gig, then Shank's work for the Jimmy Fund must also be a paid gig.

Monkeesfan said...

Shank makes that argument about Schilling's Dennis & Callahan appearences because he's just a gutless punk torn by hatred of the pitcher that got the Red Sox over the World Series hump.

Anonymous said...

Funny that Shank never seemed to have a problem with Larry Lucchino's "paid gig" on that exact same radio program? Did Lucchino give the money to charity or pocket it ... my bet is it when straight to pocket.

Must be because Shank's a good company man (New York Times owns the Globe and part of the Sox) either that or he doesn't want to trash his "anonymous source"? Both?