Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh God, No!

That was my reaction upon seeing the headline to this column.

Dan writing about Red Auerbach had to be expected. Since Red's death, Dan had honored him by tossing Red trivia into all sorts of columns, relevancy be damned. Now we have a whole column devoted to the legend of Red.

And the column is pretty good. It's original, has a consistent point of view, all the things you hope for in a column.


Anonymous said...

the ghost of Ray Fitzgerald lives! great piece .

Bonk said...

This column started out very strong but quickly devolved into Dan attempting to be creative while trying to impress us with his insider relationship with Red.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the Fanueil Hall security cam tapes. Or better yet the Boston Harbor Hotel beer tab. It's a high school essay that couldn't have taken him for than ten minutes to write even in his (or perhaps because of) his inebriated state.

Anonymous said...

Did you read his chat from today?

He hates Curt Schilling. He loves Bill Plasche.


dbvader said...

He hates Curt Schilling. He loves Bill Plasche.

Bill Plasckhe only looks good in comparison to his current and past colleagues, AJ Adande and TJ Simers.

Regardless, anybody who is a regular on Around the Horn is an idiot.