Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crunch Time for Garnett

Dan has Kevin Garnett with something left to prove in the Playoffs.

A good straightforward piece supported by examples of times where the Celtics needed Garnett to step up.


roger bournival said...

Decent enough article, until I got to this sentence:

He's a 7-foot guy who can swish the 18-footer, handle the ball like a guard, and defend like Lawrence Taylor.

Somebody please tell me he's not talking about the Lawrence Taylor (LB - NY Giants) I think he is.

Is it too much for Dan to reference an NBA player noted for defense (Bruce Bowen, Tayshaun Prince)? Hell, I'd even settle for a classic Shaughnessy ancient reference (Michael Cooper, Joe Dumars). Sheesh.

Sunday Sunflower Seeds said...

Yeah, this is actaully a really good article. Shank's still capable sometimes, I like that you guys give him credit for that