Sunday, January 04, 2015

Timing Is Everything

Shankstradamus, before yesterday's Ravens - Steelers game:

So, the fix is in? Someone taking a dive? The NFL playoffs aren't on the level, is that what he's saying?

Shankstradamus, after yesterday's Ravens - Steelers game:

So, never mind, then!

If he bets like he tweets, the legbreakers aren't far behind.

The other problem is this - Globe sportswriters like Shank and Chris Gasper are setting lofty and arguably unfair expectations about the Patriots with tweets like the first one and Gasper's column, which of course will be conveniently hyped or ignored in subsequent columns and sports talk radio appearances, depending on the eventual outcome of the games.

UPDATE, AT 2:45 pm - Also note how the massively overused 'Tomato Can' phrase has now morphed from the Patriots' AFC East rivals to other AFC playoff teams. At least it's a better Shankism than 'Brady Gaga'.

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