Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The One Where Shank Pretends To Like Pedro

Now that Pedro Martinez has been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, Shank's practically doing cartwheels:
He is in the Hall of Fame now, and there will be folks from Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia claiming they saw some amazing stuff from Pedro Martinez.

But he is ours. We had Pedro for the wonderful, dominant, Koufaxian middle of his career. Years from now, when folks sit in rocking chairs, drinking gin and tonics on the porch of Cooperstown’s Otesaga Hotel, they will talk of Pedro Martinez and his Boston days. Pedro goes down in history as a Red Sox.

Cy Young and Roger Clemens are the bookend winningest pitchers in Red Sox history, each registering 192 victories for the Carmine Hose (come on, will ya? - ed.), but all of you who were there forever will remember Pedro as the greatest pitcher in Red Sox history.
Just remember, it wasn't all hugs and kisses when Pedro was pitching for the Red Sox.

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Anonymous said...

I was genuinely surprised over all the Pedro love in the past few days, because I remembered the tons of press hate when he left. It was really vicious; this old article was only one of many.