Monday, January 05, 2015

Fair Weather Dan Blows Hard

The Patriots go 12-4 and win their division. So naturally, The CHB today mocks their success.

Makes sense, no?

Going into this AFC playoff matchup with the Baltimore Ravens,  The CHB seems to think the Pats should be intimidated. "For once, it’s not likely to be a matter of the Patriots just showing up and watching their opponents vomit on their own cleats."

When, exactly, does this happen? The AFC East won a collective 33 games this season. That's less than the North (38), but same as the West and eight more than the South. So how was the East any more of a cakewalk than any other division? Poor Shank: addition is hard.

No, this is The CHB's annual playoff rite: setting up the straw man so he can blow it down.

He writes about Baltimore's front seven, implying they will get to Brady, ignoring that the Patriots faced the Bills twice (no. 1 in sacks), Chiefs (no. 5) Jets twice (no. 6), Lions (no. 8) Broncos, Packers and Colts (tied for 9), and annihilated most of those teams. Only three teams allowed fewer sacks than the Pats did. Like a good fair weather fan, he's been alternating between pumping them up or writing about their demise all season.

Also today: Obligatory references to an impotent Bob Kraft; Bill Belichick deferring after the coin toss; and soup cans (weak opponents). There's nothing on football, but really, we don't have any right to expect that, do we?

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mike_b1 said...

Be sure to read Bruce Allen's comments at Boston Sports Media Watch as well, in which he points out that The CHB appears to enjoy the antics of Ravens linebacker/woman-beater Terrell Suggs: