Sunday, January 11, 2015

Banal And Insipid / DHL Dan XXXVIII

After one of the most intriguing playoff wins ever by the New England Patriots, what does 'Patriot Hater' Dan Shaughnessy deliver as a follow-up column? The usual bullshit - a standard game recap, a few quotes from Brady & Belichick and some historical statistics. In other words, the template behind approximately twenty percent of all of his columns since he's been writing for the Globe back in 1981.

Get a load of this USPS quality mailed-in crap:
FOXBOROUGH — It was better than Christmas morning, better than New Year’s Eve, even better than the Olympics in Boston.

In a game reminiscent of their glory days from more than a decade ago, the Patriots came back from two 14-point deficits and defeated the Baltimore Ravens, 35-31, on the frozen tundra of Gillette Stadium Saturday night. New England advances to the AFC Championship game next Sunday against either Denver or Indianapolis at Gillette. The Patriots and their fans are planning on a trip to the Super Bowl in Arizona Feb. 1.

No matter where this season goes, it’s unlikely that anything will top what we saw in Bob Kraft’s frozen mansion Saturday. This struggle for survival had everything except Tom Werner chanting, “Let’s Go, Patriots!’’
A full forty-eight hours after he takes a major shit on the team, all of a sudden they're the best thing since sliced bread.

Hear us now and thank us later - do not believe a fucking word this guy churns out. Ever.

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