Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Douchebag Alert - II

The Indianapolis Colts beat the Denver Broncos on Sunday, 24 - 13, for the right to play the Patriots on Sunday for the AFC Championship. You'd think that a seven point road underdog pulling off that win would raise some eyebrows. It definitely caught the attention of a certain head coach, noting that the Colts have improved since their last meeting with the Patriots. That would seem to be a logical conclusion.

Then there's this guy:

We know how the game's played by now; take it away, Josh Hubbard (responding to this inane tweet)!
yup, rip the oppenent so you can downplay the Pats success or destroy them if they lose. Trolling 101
There's also another angle that Shank can 'play' here - pretend he's still on the bandwagon and write another insincere, slobbering column like he did right after the Pats / Ravens game. You could call it Trolling 301 (new and improved!), since Shank's got this schtick down cold after three decades of ripping Boston area professional athletes and teams.

Or put another way, as we noted nearly four years ago:
Looks to me like Shank, as always, raised his expectations to unreasonable levels after Belichick & the Patriots ran the table this year, and now decides to take the annual dump on them for failing to meet those unreasonable expectations. Factor in the six draft picks in the first three rounds of next year's draft, and you'd think that gives reason for optimism next year. Like we'll ever see that in a Shank Globe column...
"Don't bother me with the facts - I have an agenda to push!"

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