Sunday, January 18, 2015

Seeing Red

The Patriots are winning, and while taking the AFC East was hardly unexpected, making it to the AFC Championship (and now, to the Super Bowl) certainly wasn't high on most preseason prognostications.

And no one loves the hard-working underdog more than Shank, who for some reason still believes (his impression of what makes up) a good attitude is a more important ingredient for success than, say, talent.

So in today's piece Bill Belichick, blessed with both smarts and an abundance of Tom Brady, the best quarterback of his generation, is compared to Red Auerbach, who coached in an era where it was not unusual to substitute one future Hall of Famer for another. In The CHB's words, the two coaches are "brothers of the whistle and clipboard."


Butchered metaphor aside, The CHB is now praising the Patriots coach for "more than just being smarter than everybody else and winning the mind games," noting Belichick's lack of sentimentality, hyper-focus, and, oh yeah, propensity for winning.

All of which begs the question, if winning is so important -- which, by the way, is why Shaughnessy is feting Belichick -- why has The CHB chosen to write piece after piece droning on over such red herrings (get it?) as coin flips, (not) talking to the media, and wardrobes?

Like The CHB, it's simple, really.

Because. He. Doesn't. Know. Sports.

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