Thursday, January 22, 2015

DeflateGate, Cont'd

Shank continues to pile on with the most recent controversy with the New England Patriots:

That would mean ESPN is contradicting itself to some degree, and you might want to discount those opinions or ignore them altogether? Just trying to help here!

Conveniently ignored by Shank, naturally, are opposing / contra opinions, Like Aaron Rodgers preferring an overinflated football and as noted in the headline, likes to push the limit, and Brad Johnson admitting to doctoring footballs in Super Bowl XXXVIII. On the other hand, we have some overreacting douchebags comparing this to the use of PED's or calling for the outright disqualification of the Patriots from the Super Bowl. There's even Vegas-like odds on whether Belichick gets suspended for the upcoming game.

Hopefully there's a currently written sanction for this violation, and that the NFL apply it with dispatch so the circus can leave town.

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