Saturday, January 10, 2015

Questions Posed

This member of Fanboy Nation sure as hell was relaxed and enjoyed watching the Patriots take care of business tonight. Well, aside from yelling at the TV set for most of the game!

Which brings up the first question - if being a member of 'Fanboy Nation', as Shank so elegantly puts it, is bad, isn't being a Patriot Hater equally worthy of scorn, ridicule and mockery? Just take a look at Shank's Twitter feed during the game; it's fair to say that the tweets & retweets are not Patriot friendly. More amusing is to read the follow-up comments - Shank doesn't have many friends in the Twitterverse! Basically Shank loves to be hated.

Also note that he stopped tweeting around the time the Pats were making their second run from a 14 point deficit in the third quarter. Now that's a fair weather Patriot Hater for you!

The other question - what kind of a column are we getting from him tomorrow? The call here - one with a great deal of criticism.

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