Saturday, January 10, 2015

Passive-Aggressive Behaviour Perfected

If you think about it for a minute or so, it becomes self-evident why Shank stopped robo-tweeting a few months ago.

Step 1 - write a column whose sole purpose is to antagonize and provoke as many New England Patriots fans (and players, coaching staff, management and ownership) as possible. Why do you think that the comments for that column have been disabled?

Step 2 - sit back and watch 'Fanboy Nation' react and criticize your column.

Step 3 - blast out the above tweet further provoking 'Fanboy Nation' as though your column had nothing to do with their reaction, thus implying that 'Fanboy Nation' is / are just a bunch of angry yahoos.

Either some told him, or he figured out on his own, that Twitter can be leveraged for this very sort of thing. Fucking genuis, really.

Here's hoping some member of 'Fanboy Nation' doesn't figure out what car Shank's taking to the game this afternoon and slashes a few tires as it sits in the parking lot...

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