Monday, May 19, 2008


Paul Pierce has the greatest playoff game of his career in Game Seven to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals and Dan writes about LeBron James?

Pierce must have brushed past Dan once in the locker room. Or maybe Dan knows more about James because of the greater national attention.

Bad Joke Alert: This nugget was stashed away in the middle of the column:
Those fears were realized with a couple of minutes left in yesterday's game when the King (if he travels in a road game against the Grizzlies, do they say he's walkin' in Memphis?)

Edit: Apparently, Bob Ryan was assigned the Paul Pierce angle for the Globe.


roger bournival said...

The next round probably will be harder. We know all about the vaunted Detroit Pistons and their roster of fearless champions. Winning on the road is likely to get even tougher for the Celtics, and winning at the Garden won't be automatic.

Nattering nabob of negativism...

dbvader said...

will probably; is likely.

Way to take a stance.

JJS37 said...

I don't know. It seems like Douchey Dan never has the balls to say what he should, and then other times, he says things that he shouldn't say because they aren't warranted.

Yesterday? LeBron James MISSED 15 shots out of 29. So he took nearly 30 shots, and missed over half. He missed 5 more from the FT line. He was
3-11 from 3-point land. So he missed 20 shots in the game. Twenty. Eight of them were 3's. Had he made two more 3's, and gone 5-11, they win. And, he was a 0 (zero) on +/- for when he was in the game.

Pierce on the other hand, shot over 50% from the field, was 4-6 from 3-point land, missed one FT out of 12, and was a +11 on +/- for when he was on the court.

Wouldn't this suggest that Pierce was the better player by far, and that Lebron just took more shots than him?

I think if there ever was a "don't let the point total fool you" article to be written, here it was: Pierce was definitely the best player on the court yesterday from start to finish.

But douchy Dan can't stand to give a Celtics guy the credit.

FanbaseBruce said...

Shame on Dan! Celtics good!! Opponents bad!! Shame shame shame!! Strategy is irrelevant!! Bad, bad Dan!! At least you didn't criticize The Great Doc!! Don't you dare remind us that he is a terrible playoff coach!!! They won and therefore you are bad, bad, bad!!

paul said...

Hey Brucie...why repeat the same word three times for emphasis? (i.e.- root, root, root) Is it some lame reference to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" or is it even lamer than that?

Rosalie said...

Why is it that we read Mark Spears and other writers all year long, yet when the playoffs come around, we are subjected to reading (or not) Dan, jerk, Shaughnessy! He is an egotistical idiot who curls his hair too much and looks at himself in the mirror. I am tired of all these writer's who show up for the glory at the end of the seasons of our teams.
Let him go write for the BC baseball team!