Monday, May 05, 2008

And Exhale

Dan is relieved that the Celtics avoided any place in the "local Hall of Shame." While the Celtics made clear that they were better than the Hawks, there still are questions until "they can win a game without Gino."

Repetitive use of statistic alert: Once again Dan reminds us that the Hawks were 12-33 (including playoffs) on the road.


roger bournival said...

Is he talking about Gino Cappeletti?

Must be an inside joke - maybe OB can dismount his high horse and enlighten us proles...

What's even better - Dennis & Callahan don't even refer to Dan by name - they just call him Shank. Now that's professional respect!

michael said...

Roger - "Gino" is the guy they show on the Jumbotron late in the game when the C's are comfortably ahead; it's a clip from an old "American Bandstand" where a bearded 70s guy wearing a Gino Vannelli T-shirt dances around. It gets the crowd excited, but it's jumped the shark a bit (the C's dancers now wear Gino T-shirts).

roger bournival said...

Thanks, Michael. Some things I'm better off not knowing, lol...

JJS37 said...

So, Shank's happy that they won, right? I can't tell from his article.

Chris said...

Does anyone ever notice that in pictures taken from a sports media gathering (Red Sox locker room, and Super Bowl media day come to mind) that Shaughnessy is ALWAYS cowering in the back? It's very funny to see Mr. Big Mouth acting like a shy step-child among his peers and the players he writes about. He knows that he is vilified and he knows that his place is in the back of the bus. He's like an immature pigeon that picks up whatever crumbs are left over from the other birds.

Monkeesfan said...

Dennis and Callahan - i.e. The Soccer Moms In The Morning - call him Shank? That's another thing they stole from Ordway's show - they've been calling him Shank for years.

BTW, check the Soccer Mom sketches on Pete Gustin's page - they are a riot.

roger bournival said...

monkeesfan - thanks for the info. Too bad that site's just a bunch of Flash plug-ins; That's Amateur Hour in my book.

It's too bad I can't stand to listen to The Big Show for more than a few minutes; I'll never understand the mentality of Ordway having to shout louder than everyone else to 'win' an argument. It's a real turnoff. That, and I've only been listening to D & C for a few months, and it's usually the last 40 minutes when I do. Yes, by now, I know both shows take a lot of shots at each other, and that's somewhat entertaining, kind of like reading most of OB's comments.

Yesterday I read this blog's posts & most comments from inception to 7/2006; let's just say my opinion of OB's argumentative style is right down there with Ordway's (quick summary: OB's a sanctimonious communist nitpicker with a much better vocabulary!).

While I was dredging, it seemed that OB is never able to address or effectively counter the reasons Why Shank Sucks:

1) pedestrian writing style;
2) overreliance on cliche's, Larry Legend references, and lame, lame, LAME song lyrics (OB - you really think American Pie is all that? Please.);
3) recycling of old columns;
4) contradictory columns, sometimes appearing within a week of each other, and last but certainly not least;
5) the use of his column to take shots at anyone who won't play ball with him.

And I don't expect OB to start now, ad hominems or not...

roger bournival said...

FWIW Dept:

I got to 2/7/2007; I now understand OB completely; I look forward to debating him, as long as he can avoid the ad hominems such as:

"criticizing your betters"
"obsessive jock-sniffing"
"self-constructed sandbox"
"elementary composition assignment"

...and so many others he's freely criticized the 'bloggers' and commenters for. Eventually, I got tired of pasting all of them into a single collection of pro-Dan comments, but I believe you get the point.

Oh, yeah. Here's a few more sophmoric comments (this OB guy is pretty funny, eh?):

"knee-jerk childish braying"
"The Sunday, December 10 column is something the nitwits will find all sorts of objection to"


I'll be nice to you, Bruce, and not mention all the effluvia that makes you look like a salmon that dies on its first mile of swimming upstream on his pathetic attempt to spawn:

But it is as dead-on as anything I've seen recently." (It is, however,exhibit B as to why Shaughessy deserves his postion at the top of the heap of boston sports columnists (8/6/06)

But your lack of credibility, induced by this knee-jerk hatred and premeditated devotion to ripping every word irrespective of its worth, is laughable and has the effect of portraying the columnist in a better light, rather than damaging HIS credibility or standing among people with brains. (11/22/06)

There is so much more. You want a shot at the title, 'Bruce'? Bring it on, and bring your jock; you'll need a cup as well, because I'm going to kick you square in the kibbies...

Monkeesfan said...

Roger, while Ordway's debating style is periodically annoying, it's much better than what WEEI gets from Mike Adams, Mustard & Johnson, and most of the others when they get the real fools like Dakota From Braintree, Al From Everett, Steve From Fall River (who makes the loss of Ty Law and Deion Branch out to be criminal irresponsibility by the Patriots) and especially Bill From New Hampshire, who makes Shank's irrational hatred of Curt Schilling downright pedestrian with the sheer savagery and ignorant belligerency he holds against Larry Luccino and Red Sox ownership. It is embarassing to have to listen to him and he hardly ever gets challenged other than from Sean McAdam and Buck. It's also noteworthy that the Yankee frauds like Mike From Canton and Joey From The North End never call Ordway's show, because they'd get smacked down right away; they are let off the hook on Mustard & Johnson.

I'm sure Shank will find some kind of ominous sign because the Celtics only won by four points over LeBron.

ObjectiveBruce said...

Roger suggests: "the effluvia that makes you look like a salmon that dies on its first mile of swimming upstream on his pathetic attempt to spawn."

The family jewels are safe.

roger bournival said...

monkeesfan - it's much better than what WEEI gets from Mike Adams, Mustard & Johnson,

I'll tell you one guy I'd really like to kick in the nuts is Mike Adams. What a disgusting lack of professionalism from that radio 'personality'. If Ordway's better than all of these others, it's no wonder why I'm not listening to them.

Avoiding the ad hominem? I didn't think you had it in you, OB!

Anonymous said...

"The family jewels are safe."

OB made a dick joke!

Atta boy, OB!

Your pal,