Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cancel Your Plans for a Finals Party

Today Dan tells us that we should be worried about the Pistons if they decide to play.

Dave M. called it.


roger bournival said...

"I was for the Celtics, before I was against them!"

JJS37 said...

This is the thing that drives me NUTS about Shank: he fancies himself as this really smart, suave guy, who gets the story, when in fact, he usually goes for the obvious thing and misses the REAL story. Or, at least, doesn't try to bring to light something you may have missed.

He goes with the: Wow, the Pistons can turn it on when they went, and last night they did story. They blew the C's out because they needed to. Watch out!

Instead of, the Pistons came out desperate as hell, opened up a big lead in the first, it swelled to 14 at various times in the first half, and despite all that, midway through the fourth, the C's were down by 5.

To me, that's the story. It went bad after that, but they were in the game for about 42 minutes. That wasn't the case for Detroit in game 3. It was wire-to-wire for Boston.

I really don't see what's so frightening. Win game 5, have a no-lose situation on Friday, and then go home, win game 7.

He makes it sound as though it's a personal insult to him that he, the great Dan, doesn't get to cover the Finals. Douche.