Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Detroit Connection

Today Shaughnessy examines the connection between Boston and Detroit sports teams, examining the team vs team history of the Bruins v. Red Wings; Red Sox v. Tigers; and Celtics v. Pistons. (Sorry, not much there with respect to Patriots v. Lions)

If you like walks down memory lane then this one is for you. Some nice little nuggets to include discussions on how much Larry Bird hated Bill Laiimbeer.

I am not about to say this column was great but it is a pleasant enough read. Shaughnessy typically does a good job with historical retrospectives (except for when he has dead people showing up for baseball games)


roger bournival said...

Feeling smug about your Boston sports teams?

If there's one thing Dan knows well, it's smug.

That said, I think this is a pretty good column, lowered expectations notwithstanding.

dbvader said...

I have a Patriots-Lions story. I was at my cousin's for Thanksgiving the year the Pats played in Detroit. He made up squares and I bought I bunch. My cousin or his wife won the first three quarters and were about to win the fourth.

The Patriots had the lead late in the game and were playing conservatively, but not sitting on the ball. Suddenly, around the two-minute warning and the Lions without any timeouts, Brady hits a receiver deep down the sideline. The receiver is pushed out of bounds within the five-yard line.

I am stoked. If the Patriots score a TD or kick a field goal, I win the fourth quarter. I can't lose. What happens? The Patriots kneel on the ball.

JJS37 said...

He's listing things. This reminds me of when I tell my students not to write me a grocery list of things that happened. This is exactly what Douchy Dan is doing.

I used to not get what you guys meant by "mailing it in." I mean, I understand the term, but I didn't necessarily always see it. I think it's pretty obvious here.

Here's a list of all Detroit/Boston things.....

Monkeesfan said...

dbvader, I remember that game and at the time was dumbstruck that the Patriots didn't go for a score at the end.

Of course as far as Pats-Lions, there was the 2000 game where Drew Bledsoe played horribly, got benched, and his backup played some snaps - some kid from San Mateo, CA who went to Michigan and was drafted 199 in that year's draft. Whatever happened to that kid, anyway?