Friday, May 23, 2008

Home Loss

Shaughnessy discusses the Celtics’ first playoff loss at home. He says the rules have changed and if the Celtics want to advance, they will have to finally win one on the road.
Today’s effort was predictable. Worse than that, however, it was filled with inane and idiotic commentary.

He says, “The Detroit Pistons, ladies and gents, are not the Atlanta Hawks, nor are they the Cleveland Cavaliers.” The implication being that they are a much better team than the Hawks and Cavaliers, apparently forgetting the Cavaliers bumped the Pistons from the playoffs just a year ago?

He says, “….the playoffs have officially started for the Celtics.” You know, this kind of statement would be appropriate if the Celtics had won their first two series in 4 or 5 games. Given, however, that the Celtics were taken to the seventh game in the first round by a team with a regular season losing record, I think it is safe to say the playoffs “officially” started for the Celtics much longer ago.

He talks about all the good things that have happened to Boston sports teams this weekend—Celtics previous wins and the Red Sox’ sweeps and he tops off the list of things to make us happy with this: “Bill Parcell’s best player is AWOL, “Dancing with the Stars.” This is a forced-cultural reference for the-sake of appearing “hip”. Jason Taylor has been on that show for weeks now—it’s a non story and given the respective state of the Patriots and Dolphins, I don’t think a single Patriots fan has derived pleasure from this whole Dancing with the Stars story. The Dolphins are not particularly relevant.

He says, “The Celtics ran out to an early 6-point lead, but who can trust any kind of lead in these playoffs after what the Lakers did to the Spurs at Staples Center Wednesday?” What a complete and idiotic statement. To compare a blown 6 point first half lead to a blown 20 point second half lead is ridiculous. If Belichick were to make a statement like this in a post game press conference, Shaughnessy would skewer him for saying nothing. The irony is that Shaughnessy spews out cliché-ridden statements like this all the time.

How he continues to get away with mailing it in like this continues to amaze me.


Sunday Sunflower Seeds said...

This had to me the most predictable article he's ever... oh never mind all of his articles are really predictable.

Roger Bournival said...

How he continues to get away with mailing it in like this continues to amaze me.

You guys aren't being fair to Dan. Maybe he had one pre-written column in case of a Celtics' loss and another for a win? I mean, that would be real work, right?

Anonymous said...

It's torture to read him, so I do not. Ironically, with the Royals in town this week we web-surfers with enough provocation happened upon the outstanding writing of KC sports writer Joe Posnanski and his lovely 5/20 blog piece called "Fenway and No Hitters." Check it out folks, if you haven't already: ( and you'll be treated to real sports writing. Not that lazy crap CHB/OB regurgitates.


JJS37 said...

What's weird is that a series like this is straight out of the 80's. Back then, it just wasn't a given that the home team would win every time. When the Celtics played the Lakers, it was generally 1-1 after the first two games no matter where they played.

Douchey Dan is going to make us believe this is a big deal. It's not. The Celtics need 1 in Detroit, and we're back to square 1 with the Celtics having home court.

The thing is, he says stuff like "perfect Boston Sports weekend."

For Dan, who obviously loves misery and hates success (thus his hatred for Theo and BB), wouldn't the perfect Boston sports weekend shape up like this:

• Garnett blows out ACL and can never play again. ("Curse of the KG," in stores soon!!)

• Red Sox trade Ellsbury, Lester, and Buccholz to the Yankees for Chamberlin and A-Rod. Chamberlin blows out arm and A-Rod decides he's a woman trapped in a man's body. Yankees have 10 years of WS appearances/wins and Red Sox toil in last. ("Curse of the Jobba" in stores soon!)

• BB gets caught in a sex tape scandal. Tons of Rob Lowe references (because that's like 20 years old) and more sarcasm than you can stand. ("Sex, lies, and VideoSpygate" in stores soon!)

• Finally, the "3-2 Kid" is drafted by the Sox and makes his MLB debut with a homer over the Ted Williams seat in right.

Wouldn't that be the perfect Sports Weekend for Douchey Dan?

ObjectiveBruce said...

Joe Posnanski?

Prose such as his is why the good lord invented editors.

Joe Posnanski indeed.

Anonymous said...


Can you please give ANYTHING specific as far as your objections towards the Posnanski article?

NO? Didn't think so...

dbvader said...

Prose such as his is why the good lord invented editors.

Yeah, an editor would be good. That way the Arch would not be spanning the Mississippi, a dead Humphrey Bogart would not be at an LA Dodgers game, the Patriots would not have had home-field advantage in the 2004 playoffs, and he would not wonder why Chris Chelios was throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game.

Oh wait, those aren't Poz's errors, they are Shank's.