Thursday, May 15, 2008

Extra Special Goodiness

What did we do to be so lucky? A Cameragate reference and a shot at blogs in the first two sentences! (Do you think Dan was watching Buzz Bissinger blow up on CostasNow thinking to himself "Now that is an excellent, well reasoned argument!"?)

The rest of the piece is mostly game recap with quotations thrown in. Dan manages to capture the feel of watching the game, with Celtic's fan initial fear being replaced by awe in the third quarter.


Chris said...

I sent him an e-mail saying that 'anybody' could come up with trite, hackneyed phrases as well. I put it in the subject line so he'd be sure to see it. Goodness, he really is a wee bitter man. Seeing him enraged, bitter, and angry at the world around him--the media world around him--pleases me to no end.

mike_b1 said...

If it were so easy, how come The CHB doesn't have one? How come he needs 8 editors to try to fix his tripe -- or die laughing over his weak prose and weaker logic?