Thursday, May 01, 2008

How Many Dated/Irrelevant References Will There Be?

Dan is still somewhat upset by the Hawks winning two games in Atlanta, but last night's convincing win has placated him somewhat.

But what was more striking was the references. It starts with a 20 year-old SNL skit, followed by a Belichick reference, and includes a 35 year-old song. Way to stay relevant.


roger bournival said...

I can't believe I'm reading an article from this guy!

Chris said...

Dan Shaughnessy is the Reverend Wright of the Boston sports media market. I think he knows this, too.

JJS37 said...

Did he just stop doing anything at all around 1987? Dana Carvey? Could we get something from this freaking century? God this guy is a douche. Yesterday, he says it will be a return to dominance, everything will be right with the world when the Celtics win, blah, blah. Then, that happens. And instead of a "told you so," he flips around and it's, "I can't believe we're cheering beating the Hawks." What a douche.

JJS37 said...

What a douche bag. I'm not kidding. First of all, the idiotic paragraph of "They're 12-32 on the road. I repeat, 12-32." No kidding douche bag. That might explain why they lost three straight to the Celtics in Boston. But, at home, they are 25-16. You know who else is 25-16 at home? Orlando, who's the third seeded team in the east, and is already through to the second round. What's so god (expletive) surprising? Atlanta is a young, very athletic team, who struggles on the road, but plays well at home. Look at the regular season, and that's what you see. Remember when they traded for Bibby and they didn't immediately gel and take off? I think they've gelled now. But, just like he doesn't want to accept the Red Sox won the WS not once but twice, he won't accept the Hawks being a good, tough team. Douche.