Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dan in 2008

What do you think of Dan? Let the readers of Boston Sports Media Watch know in the Dan Shaughnessy Approval Ratings.


Anonymous said...

You created an entire blog for Dan? dbvader - get a life.

roger bournival said...

Ummmm.... DB Vader did not create this site. I'd expect someone like, well, Dan Shaughnessy to fail in basic research techniques like that. Am I right?

BTW, I voted in that online poll. Let's just say OB and I didn't choose the same button.

dbvader said...

Yeah, anonymous, it was arduous work. I had to give blogger my email and create a password. It was tough.

Dave M said...

The venerable Chief created this site. Fortunately, DB and I have been able to run with it for over the past year. We have lives believe it or not and we don't live in Ma's basement. This blog takes about 20-40 minutes of my time two to three times a week--which I imagine is about the same time Dan takes to mail in a column but he gets paid.
We would like to think we are performing a public service by revealing that the Shank wears no clothes (Please take this figuratively- sorry if the image made you gag)