Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dan Can't Make Up His Mind

Dan does a Why the Celts/Cavs will win today's game. I apologize in advance _ short post today as I am running a race and got to go. I would suggest you run too--far away from this one.

Will try to post later

Dave M


roger bournival said...

He's just leaving himself an out so he can bitch & moan tomorrow regardless of who wins.

Sunday Sunflower Seeds said...

I think today's was okay. Easy, quick read. Maybe my expectations for him are just so low at this point.

Chris said...

I would love to see a Massaratti-like column from Shaughnessy on the state of sports media today. I think he would be as unhinged, unglued, and as enraged as Mazz recounting what has happened to 'his' industry.

mike_b1 said...

The CHB has done this before, if memory serves, ahead of a Red Sox/Yankees Game 7. It read just as bad then.

Dave M said...

Hi All

Sunday sunflower - i say the same thing all the time when I read Shank. I think to myself "Well that wasnt too bad" but I do think it is the case of going into it with low expectations.

For you runners out there--I ran the inaugural edition of the Marine Corps Half Marathon in Fredericksburg, VA. It was a beautiful day for running and sort of neat to be part of a first ever.
Speaking of running, did you know our dear Shank runs exactly one mile every day and has done so for years? I read this in his book. I admire his persistence but question the physical benefit he really derives from this

Got to run

Dave M

mike_b1 said...

Persistence? More like futility. Like writing the same column every day for 20 years, or getting drunk at the same old bars and hitting on the same old women, The CHB runs his mile, shameless and oblivious to the fact that he's simply using up what little time he has left on his way to The Obscure Sportswriters Hall of Fame.