Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Shank Lowers the Boo

False equivalencies run amok in today's throw-away column from The CHB.

He calls Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval the "most reviled local tandem" since former Celtics players Curtis Rowe and Sidney Wicks. Most reviled? No one really cares enough to "revile" them, Shank.

All of this seems to confuse the Nattering Nabob of Newton. "You don’t fly to Florida to boo Hanley Ramirez." Right. And there's not much reason to pay the Red Sox' overinflated ticket prices at Fenway to boo them either. But apparently The CHB flew to Florida (on someone else's credit card, of course) to count the boos and then write about them.

What The CHB doesn't seem to get is that the essence of "fan" is "devotee." We like baseball, and we like those athletes good enough to play it. It requires talent, something The CHB never had and, ahem, reviles in those who do. Which is why he resort such Trumpian-like machinations as calling various sports figures fat, prima donnas, lazy, disingenuous, con men, and other such niceties.

No, a fat, prima donna, lazy, disingenuous, con man is someone who writes the same column for 30 years and think he's genius.

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