Thursday, March 03, 2016

The One Where Shank Repeatedly Lies To Kirk Minihane

Reader Walter R. asked if I listened to the Kirk Minihane / Dan Shaughnessy podcast from last week, so I finally got around to it now. In this podcast, Shank claims not to hate Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Jerry Thornton, among many, many other lies and / or disingenuous statements, including a 'I'll tell you off the air' comment from Shank concerning personal decisions with Comcast Sports New England. Kudos to Minihane for bringing that particular matter up (Shank's involvement with getting Minihane shitcanned from his Comcast Sports New England gig).

Walter thinks Minihane could have gone after Shank stronger and challenge him on his many strawman / bullshit arguments. I would tend to agree, except for this notion - something else is afoot, and I think it's a damn good move on Kirk's part. I see this podcast is a) an olive branch of sorts or b) some other effort to co-opt and / or neutralize Shank with respect to Minihane, in a Corleone 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' manner.

Best part of the podcast is towards the end - the Kirk Minihane avatar of 'Goofy Shank' will remain!

Cheap prediction - this won't be the last Minihane / Shaughnessy podcast.

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