Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Column About Nothing

Shank must be feeling those early spring blues. His most recent 'effort' aims to resolve one of the most perplexing and difficult questions facing all Boston sports fans:
Spring is saved. Our winter sports teams are good again. There will be playoffs and it might not be as bad and bloody as we once feared. The Celtics’ and Bruins’ seasons might last longer than John Farrell as Red Sox manager.

Think back a few months and remember the anxiety. The Bruins were “hoping” to make the playoffs. They fired their GM. The owner admitted the product was sagging. Fans were angry and many called for the firing of coach Claude Julien. Media piled on.

The Celtics? Not talented enough. A playoff bubble team, destined to be one-and-done in a four-game sweep like the one we witnessed last year vs. Mighty LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was all about waiting for the lottery. Bring on Ben Simmons.
Celtics or Bruins?
That's going out on a limb, isn't it?

In true Shank Shaughnessy fashion, he will bury both of these teams once they're eliminated from the playoffs.

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