Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The $72 Million Dollar Man

Shank's here to tell us that Red Sox outfielder Rusney Castillo does not project into Boston's 2015 starting lineup very often.
FORT MYERS, Fla. — Rusney Castillo is a bust.

Not exactly breaking news, I know, but Red Sox manager John Farrell on Tuesday officially revealed that the Sox plan to start Brock Holt in left field against righties, which will be most of the games.
Did you know that the Red Sox paid a lot of money to acquire Castillo? You didn't? Good - because Shank's here with a few helpful reminders:
Castillo, the $72 million Cuban Mystery Man, will share playing time with Chris Young as fourth/fifth outfielders for the 2016 Sox.
If Pablo Sandoval plays third, Hanley Ramirez plays first, and Rick Porcello gets the ball every fifth day, it’s because they are the best guys for the job. Not because they make bags of money.

In Castillo’s case, the Sox are putting their wasted money where their mouths are. They are biting the gold-plated bullet.
The 28-year-old Cuban has officially moved to the pine and will be carried as a $72 million bench-warmer.
In the summer of 2014, Ben Cherington and Boston’s baseball ops hadn’t seen Castillo play in real baseball games when they outbid every other big league team at Castillo’s Miami tryout.
This makes Castillo a $72 million platoon player.
The Sox have to be wildly disappointed in what they are getting for their $72 million investment.

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