Monday, February 29, 2016

Biting Thoughts on Farrell

The Red Sox have yet to play a single game this spring, but The CHB is already counting down the days to manager John Farrell's dismissal.

The "pressure is building on the 2016 Red Sox," writes the King of All Optimism. "There’s no getting around the fact that there will be inordinate pressure on manager John Farrell at the start of the season. This is what happens when you finish last two years in a row with a top-three payroll."

Actually, there is almost ZERO talk about the Red Sox right now. Two straight last place finishes (and three in four years) tends to lower expectations. Or perhaps The CHB hasn't put down his Bud Light long enough to notice? 

He then compares the current Red Sox outfield to one of the greatest of all-time, saying, "This is not Lynn, Rice, and Evans."

Well no kidding. Neither was the unit that won the 2013 World Series. Here's the OF on the Red Sox WS roster that year: Quintin Berry, Mike Carp, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jonny Gomes, Daniel Nava, Shane Victorino. Someone call Cooperstown, stat.

The Lynn, Rice, Evans trio of the 1970s and early 1980s won two MVPs (and finished in three top 5 in MVP voting nine other times), a Rookie of the Year, 12 Gold Gloves, four Silver Sluggers, and had 17 All Star appearances in Red Sox uniforms. Oh, and one is now in the Hall of Fame (and one more should be).

If that weren't enough, The CHB hypes his "Curse" book. You remember that one, right? He authored a book on why the Red Sox never win the World Series ... just a couple years before they won three in 10 seasons. Ouch!

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