Monday, March 21, 2016

Picked Up Pablum - II / DHL Dan LIII

Finally, a correct call!

Metric tons of 'Get off my lawn!' themes ensues:
Picked-up pieces while thumbing through “The Wells Report In Context — Updated, Expanded, and Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture” . . .

■ I’m told that Pete Carroll wrote a letter to Roger Goodell asking if he can have a redo of the last 20 seconds of Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Ariz.

■ Opening Day is still two weeks away, and I’m sick of the David Ortiz Farewell Tour already. Sorry. Now Papi is telling us that the only folks who can comment on pimping homers are folks who have actually homered in the big leagues. Everyone else needs to “shut up.’’
Here’s part of a passionate missive from 283-game winner Jim Kaat, who also hit 16 homers during his four decades in the bigs: “I take exception to be told to shut up about being critical seeing batters flip their bat in celebration after a home run. David said they are either pitchers or fans who don’t know what it feels like to square up a 95 m.p.h. fastball.
■ We can all agree that White Sox 1B-DH Adam LaRoche is entitled to walk away from a $13 million contract if his feelings have been hurt by the team’s request to “dial it down” when it comes having his 14-year old son in the clubhouse every hour of every day, but as Mike Lupica noted, “This action . . . does not make him Rosa Parks.’’ Amen.
Shank's still not a fan of former Red Sox CF Jacoby Ellsbury:
■ Why we love the New York Daily News: Sunday’s back-page sub-headline: “Yanks relieved Jacoby is OK after fragile OF takes pitch off wrist.”

■ Goose Gossage would have made a fine sports columnist. Opinions galore.
That's only because Shank agrees with those opinions.

And in a rare aligning of the planets, Shank and Kirk Minihane agree on something:
■ Bob Kraft is ridiculous. Wants it both ways. Wants his draft picks, but also wants to keep his seat at the table with the other big-boy owners. You need to choose, Bob. Or keep quiet. You elected to roll over for the Commish and other owners last May. Don’t try to impress your fans now. Own it.

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Papi's gonna be remembered alot more fondly when he's dead and buried than this redheaded sphincter will