Monday, March 28, 2016

Piling On

Once or twice a year, Shank will write (or tweet) something that makes him look like a jackass across the country, and he did just that with his tweet on Saturday, criticizing the UConn women's basketball team for the crime of being too good. In addition to the Deadspin post mentioned below, Jay Bilas and Holly Rowe went after Shank on the Dan Patrick Show this morning, the Hartford Courant took the obligatory Connecticut shot at him as well, and we have a local follow-up from CBS Boston.

Now here's the interesting part - Shank went on Toucher and Rich this morning to explain / defend the tweet and respond to UConn coach Gene Auriemma's comments. He wrote his column a few hours later. If you're brave enough to listen to the Toucher & Rich segment, you will note that nearly every thing he talked about wound up in his column. From that you can conclude that either he used that interview to write the column or his column was already written and he pretty much read from it to do the Toucher & Rich segment.

Now that's how you recycle, folks!

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