Monday, March 14, 2016

His Goose is Cooked

So Goose Gossage thinks analytics stink, and so does The CHB.

I ask you, then, what's an RBI? A ERA? An error?

Answer: They are analytics.

Perhaps he (and I'm referring to both dinosaurs here) doesn't realize that stats nerds recognize Reggie Jackson -- you know, the guy who won the World Series for the Yankees back when Goose was coming out of the bullpen? -- was unsung in his day for being 1. too obnoxious and 2. striking out too much while hitting for a low average. The stats guys are the ones who, even them, saw Reggie's true value.

Heck, if it weren't for the stats guys, Goose probably wouldn't be in the Hall of Fame. We're looking at a fellow who won all of 124 games in his career, never had more than 33 saves in a season, and is 23d all time in saves, behind such notables as Jose Mesa, Todd Jones and Francisco Cordero. Whoop-de-do.

All of this The CHB could have used as argument, were he not so lazy. Instead, he rehashes the Goose's rant against the Bill Jameses of baseball, and basically agrees with him, while adding that it doesn't really matter anyway.

This is where it gets great: The CHB writes, "We don’t need UZR or WAR to tell us that Dustin Pedroia is a winning ballplayer."

Except that Dustin Pedroia isn't a winning ballplayer, if finishing last three of four seasons means something. (Which to Shank, it does, except apparently in this column.)

And except that The CHB tried to start a call to dump Pedroia when he slumped in his rookie season. Who saved him? Bill James and the stats guys.

Also: Larry Bird watch!

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