Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Paining

Seeing is believing, and because of that The CHB thinks how you perform in spring training predicts how you will perform once the bell is rung.

And he's worried, because the Red Sox pitchers aren't holding up their end of the performance bargain.

Well, let's look back to Spring Training 2013, the last time the Sox won the World Series. Here are the spring training and regular season ERAs for the seven pitchers with the most starts for the Sox that year:

Clay Buchholz: 0.79 ERA in 22.2 innings (1.74)
John Lackey; 5.40 ERA in 11.2 innings (3.52 regular season)
Jon Lester: 0.75 ERA in 24 innings (3.75)
Felix Doubrant: 3.00 ERA in 18 innings (4.52)
Ryan Dempster 3.74 in 21.2 innings (4.57)
Alan Webster: 1.64 ERA in 11 innings (8.60)

Not very predictable, was it?

And here are the numbers from 2015, when Boston finished last:

Buchholz: 2.84 in 19 innings (3.26)
Eduardo Rodriguez: 1.17 in 7.2 innings (3.85)
Wade Miley: 3.71 in 17 innings (4.46)
Henry Owens: 8.74 in 11.1 innings (4.57)
Joe Kelly: 11.05 in 7.1 innings (4.82)
Rick Porcello: 2.57 in 14 innings (4.95)
Justin Masterson: 3.52 in 23 innings (5.61)

Even less so last year,

But sure, let's keep insisting that you know more about baseball than the guys who actually run the game.

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