Saturday, October 20, 2007

Where have I seen this column before?

When I read this morning's piece on Schilling, I thought to myself "Where have I read this before?" I only had to go back 12 days to find this fine effort in which he says virtually all the same things.

Both the Oct 8 and 20th pieces are odes to the playoff hero, Curt Schilling (you know, the "Big Lug", the "Blowhard")

- In the Oct 8th piece, he calls Schilling the "Mr October of Moundsmen"; sure enough he dusts that little nugget off and today again calls him "Mr October of Moundsmen"

- In the Oct 8th piece, he says Schilling has had to reinvent himself because he can't hit 90 miles per hour on the radar gun anymore. In today's piece, he talks about Schilling's reinvention and his 89 mile per hour fastball

- In the Oct 8th piece, he says Schilling cant throw much harder than John Burkett and that he has gone from being Roger Clemens to Greg Maddux. In today's piece, he says Schilling throws more like Al Nipper than Roger Clemens.

- In the Oct 8th piece, Shank says "you might remember [the game] in which he pitched with a bloody sock. Today he says "you might remember that he also did OK in 2004....with blood oozing from fresh sutures"

- They are not identical articles and in fact, today Shaughnessy makes up for not following his standard formulaic recipe to a T on Oct 8th. You see, in the Oct 8th piece, Shank must have forgotten the cook book requirement to throw in a Patriots/Celtics comparison. We just need to give Shank another chance because he does not forget that key ingredient today---the Great Schill is compared to Bird, Russell and Brady.

Now a little prediction, if Schill gets bombed tonight, the Shank claws will come out in full force
-- he will talk about Schilling no longer being the pitcher he once was; he will talk about Schilling reporting to camp 40 pounds overweight; he will talk about Schill's blog and video game empire; and he will wish Schilling Tampa Bay.


Chris said...

Can he get fired for plagiarizing himself? No? Dang.

Monkeesfan said...


Shank sues Shank for plagiarism.

soxfaninny said...

Shank is a d*ck. He's still mad at Schilling for helping with the WS in 2004 and ruining his "curse" industry. Now he has to take a shot at Schilling whenever he gets a chance. He can never give him a straight compliment. They are always backhanded evidenced by today's column.

objectivebruce said...

So What?

Anonymous said...

So what?

He is a lazy ass

He self-plagiarizes all the damn time

The guy is pathetic

mike_b1 said...

Today's (Sunday's) column is classic CHB-speak. He basically gives the media horde credit (despite zero evidence) for forcing Ellsbury into the lineup, then ignores that Ellsbury contributed next to nothing, with his 1 for 5 effort at the plate offset by his Dave Kingman-like glove work.

But none of that matters, because the media was "right!"

Monkeesfan said...

So will Shank say the Red Sox didn't deserve it because Grady Sizemore didn't bolt home on the error? Maybe he can reuse this great chestnut from the 2003 playoffs - Grady, you idiot!

Dave M said...

I imagine SHank will have his happy face on tomorrow

He was dead wrong about Pedroia. Woo hoo for the poster boy!

Go Sox

Monkeesfan said...

Man, that 7th Inning was so bizarre I even blew who it was who screwed up for the Indians - Kenny Lofton. Guess I shouldn't multitask so mcuh, following Game Seven while simultaneously following the Broncos beating the Steelers - my brain can't handle it. ;-)

Monkeesfan said...

BTW, what will Shank now say about J.D. Drew? I imagine the analogy of the other Drew bombing the Vikings in overtime will get used.