Thursday, October 04, 2007

Please Spare Us

On a morning when the Globe Sports had a game piece by Edes and a game column by Ryan, Dan, credited as "Globe Staff", gives us a some hybrid, half-article, half-column. Don't know why we needed it, considering the work done by the two great writers. Dan must have whined to his buddy Joe Sullivan to get to write this redundant piece.

This one has it all. Pointless references to the Patriots, a Dr. Charles sighting, and easy swipes again at the Rally and the President of Red Sox Nation.

Some time during the playoffs I will have to review the number of times Dan includes a mention of the Patriots in a column about the Red Sox and vice versa. The streak is now at least two days after Dan wrote this about Theo in yesterday's piece:

"[H]e's become downright Belichickian in his quest for success.

Edit The last five Shank pieces posted at DSW have a reference to the other team.


paul said...

"...our region was bombarded by clinch celebrations, a tedious rally at City Hall Plaza, and the contrived "election" of President Rem-Dawg."

I do agree with Shank on two-thirds of the above statement. The City Hall Plaza rally was a little tedious and the Sox Nation elections were just plain awful.

However, I had no problem with the team blowing off a little steam after the O's dramatically won the division for them. The dances were silly but you have to just kind of shake your head and smile.

How were we "bombarded" with clinch celebrations? They had a very subdued team toast in Tampa and then went nuts when they clinched the division. These aren't baseball playing robots (except for JD Drew), Shank. Enjoy them enjoying themselves.

Anonymous said...

And the Comish's office *asked* all the teams to hold rallys.

I think it's more pretentious of the Yankees to go against league policy, myself.

X said...

I agree with what Paul said, but will further add that for CHB to ridicule the overbearing reach of the nation is completely hypocritical. Is this not the same guy that basically built his retirement and kid's college fund on the backs of a "contrived" and "silly" curse.

Anonymous said...

Proof that CHB is objective bruce - after its posted here that there are five straight Pats-Sox cross references, the streak suddenly stops. In an article perfect for a Pats comparison.

dbvader said...

I wasn't commenting on the rally and election silliness when I pointed out Shank's references. My point was that Shank had already made similar comments about such easy targets.

Anon 11:21:

Shank didn't have space for extraneous references. The column was just taken from the play-by-plays of the last seven Red Sox-Angels playoff games.