Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Got It All

A Seventies music reference? Check. ("The tumbling Dice Man")

A "1918" reference? Check. ("The midgame rally now feels as though it happened sometime back in 1918.")

A reference to how much a player makes? Check. ("Acquired for the price of $103 million last winter")

A misleading use of a statistic? Check. ("Jake Westbrook, a 30-year-old righthander who went 6-9 in 2007." Wins are misleading. Westbrook had a slightly better than league average ERA.)

There you have today's column.


Paul said...

Forced Neil Diamond Reference? Check: ("It's a long way from the good times that never seemed so good at Fenway Park in the fifth inning Saturday night.")

dbvader said...

I also forgot the stupid "Larry Byrd" reference.