Monday, October 22, 2007

A New Dan?

The last three Red Sox games have crushed Dan's spirit. That is the only conclusion I can make after reading today's front page piece. Part history lesson, part game recap, there are none of Shank's staples: No shots at Theo, no digs at Schilling, Manny, Drew or Pedroia, no Patriots references.

Seeing Drew, Pedroia, Manny, and Schilling coming through over the last week has left Dan deflated.

Dan's column on Kevin Millar throwing out the first pitch was equally uneventful. It's a tough time to be Dan. There is no fodder for his shtick.


Charlie said...

Except he got his history WRONG

I guess the 2005 ALDS didn't happen...

Dating to the historic sweep of the Yankees in 2004, it marked the seventh consecutive elimination game won by the Red Sox.

Hey CHB what the hell was Game 3 of the 2005 ALDS?????? Not only was that an elimination game...we were eliminated moron

Jonny Jaha said...

Gratuitous references to GH Ruth and 1918... an unnecessary shot at Pedroia's height... the factual errors of the elimination game win streak... noting Dice K's $103 millions - all typical checkmarks of DS.

dbvader said...

I actually thought the Babe reference was appropriate to note the historic nature of the WS appearances.
The other two are typical petty swipes by CHB, but minor. He didn't have a chance to get after the minions, bash Drew, irrationally question the presence of an above average hitting 2B or toss in random curse or 1918 references.

Fenway said...

The Globe has fixed the historical error online

Dating to the historic sweep of the Yankees in 2004, it marked the sixth win by the Red Sox in their last last seven elimination games

Objectivebruce said...

The daily reporting and columns on the playoff series have been very good and ought to be compiled into a book after it is over.

Whoops. No. Bad idea. Then the complain and moan crowd will accuse him of trying to create a "cottage industry" by writing about a team's success.

Good to see Charlie, apparently a member of the 2005 team, posting. Apparently Schilling isn't the only player posting; I just wonder which player this is ("*we* were eliminated"). Or maybe it's just a sycophant who likes to refer to the local sports team as "we."

Dubegedi said...
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Dubegedi said...

Bruce I wholeheartedly agree with you that a book of all of Dan's 07 playoff writings should be compiled. This book will be of great use to any teacher that at some point wants to point out writing that is completely irrational and based on one single moment. Game 1? "This team is built to last, there is a feeling of inevitability to this run." After Game 4? "This team clearly had it faults from the start, I mean look at Dustin he has been awful. JD Drew, can you believe they payed 70 million for a guy in the prime of his career that has good power and very good plate discipline? Theo sucks. Geeks suck. They are nothing but a bunch of nerds and I ignore the fact that plenty of traditional scouts remain on this team."

mike_b1 said...

Bruce, remember The CHB's eulogy of Auerbach?

From Oct 29, 2006: "We were so lucky. We had Red Auerbach for nearly 57 NBA seasons. We had his genius, his rough, old-school charm, and his Brooklyn-learned street smarts. And we lost him yesterday. At the age of 89. Just four days before the start of another Celtics season."

I guess Dan was on the Celtic payroll, eh?

ObjectiveBruce said...

Big difference. Shaughnessy was writing of Auerbach's presence in the community and in our midst, and winning championships with the local basketball team not referring to the basketball team and its players as "we."


mike_b1 said...

No he wasn't. He told me.