Monday, October 15, 2007

Mountain out of a Molehill

Dan is looking to for a controversy, any controversy. And he really has to reach.

Dan complains about the use of Eric Gagne in the 11th inning of Saturday night's game and it is remarkably overblown. It was the 11th inning, MDC, Oki, Timlin, and Papelbon had already pitched. The game was a tossup as both teams emptied their bullpens. Francona's options were Lester or Gagne. (Lopez was not an option as he has been used as a lefty specialist all season.) This game, specifically this decision, is not on par with Game 6 and is not something that deserves great attention or debate. Cleveland's crappy pitchers outpitched Boston's crappy pitchers.

He cannot leave it alone department
- As noted before, Dan has a strange fascination with game times and other boring game trivia. Today Dan gives us the time the game ended, how long it lasted, and how many pitches were thrown. Everybody knows it was long, enough with it.

- Dan was cruising along, no possible Patriot references in sight until he lays this one down:

"Tom Mastny, who retired David Ortiz, Manny Ramírez, and Mike Lowell, 1-2-3 (something that happens about as often as the Patriots tell the truth on their injury report)"

Dan, you were doing so well. Let's try to stay focused.


Jonny Jaha said...

Dan must have been asleep in 1995, The city of Bombay changed it's name to Mumbai that year.

shamrock1957 said...

Truth be told, the Red Sox lost the game in the bottom of the 10th when they couldn't manufacture or push across a run in that inning with those three batters at the plate and Pap not able to come back for the 11th. Kudos go entirely to the Indians' pitcher in that inning.

dbvader said...


Exactly. Dan does mention the 10th inning, but he has to find (manufacture) some controversy so he picks on the choice of a reliever in the 11th inning. It is classic stirring the pot.

Monkeesfan said...

As for Shank's derisive reference to the Patriots injury report - Dan, where are the Patriots lying on their injury reports?