Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dan Tries What People Refer to as "Irony"

I think Dan has finally caught on to the fact that people think his "Boston has ... while City X has" shtick is boring. He really mixes it up today with a comparison between Cleveland and New York. Didn't see that coming did you?

Dan sneaks in a few self referential barbs. He is glad the Red Sox are playing Cleveland because of the following things:

"It's impossible to make those Harvard-Yale, Athens-Sparta analogies in any series that includes Cleveland."

"No references to Evil Empire, Bambino, Harry Frazee, Bucky Dent, or Aaron Boone."

"No USAir flight No. 1918 from LaGuardia"

"No "No, No, Nanette""


Anonymous said...

Hey DB

Shank has a column up about Manny tonight. Classic Dan - alludes to a suspicion that Manny quit at the end of this season. He concludes with a snide commentary about how Manny refuses to give him a quote

What an absolute and total jackass but we already knew that

Dave M

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more about DS in the Globe..enough w/the Bos vs City X...we have read one for every city except for Blacksburg, VA when BC plays Va Tech


Jonny Jaha said...

USAir? They've been known as US Airways since 1995!!!!!