Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quiz Time!

The Red Sox have lost three in a row, with the last one a 15 - 7 thrashing that reminds me of one of the funniest lines from South Park - "I haven't seen a beating like that since Rodney King!"

It's probably written already, but I think Shank's revving up to take the weekly laxative-fueled dump on the Sox. What do you think?

* Yes;
* No;
* Stop writing about my son!


Anonymous said...

Shank sux more than Lester the Molester & Kick the Bucket.

He blasts Ortiz for the failures of the pitching staff? Ortiz has probably been the major reason that the Sauwx are 500.

Shank ought to get up to the plate and show everyone how it's done lol.

DangerMouse said...