Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And Now For More Boston Globe Bashing - X

A former Boston Globe employee who comments on this site is known, among other things, for insisting that 'The Globe ain't going anywhere', despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

The Globe may or may not be going anywhere, but we know fifty-three people who are going somewhere - under le guillotine:
The Boston Globe has offered buyouts to 20 newsroom staffers and 23 advertising employees, at the same time it laid off 10 people from across the publication, according to the paper’s publisher.

The cutbacks come amid plummeting circulation at the beleaguered broadsheet (they worked in an alliteration; how clever! - ed.) and renewed speculation that the New York Times [NYT] Co. is looking to sell the Globe and its sister paper, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

“These continue to be challenging times for our industry and our business. We face rapid change in how readers get their information and how advertisers communicate their messages. That requires us to make tough choices along the way about how to allocate our resources,” Globe Publisher Christopher M. Mayer wrote to the newspaper’s staff, according to
I just wanted to emphasize a few things for our beloved commenter, just in case he feigns ignorance or does his Kevin Bacon routine at this 'evidence to the contrary' thingy...
The buyouts were offered to both union and management employees. Not everyone offered buyouts will necessarily accept them, Mayer said (in which case they will get shitcanned - ed.). The company refused to say how much money it hopes to save with the job cuts.

The latest audit in May saw the Globe’s daily print circulation fall below the 200,000 mark for the first time in its history.
That's, like, less than half of what it was less than three years ago! Is this the Globe or the Titantic? Was our intreipd commenter Bruce M. feeding us bogus, inflated circulation numbers this entire time?
The Herald also reported in May that the Globe was shuttering its suburban bureaus to avoid further bloodletting taking on any more leases. The move was seen as setting the stage for the paper’s last rites sale.
Does this mean Shank won't be going to the Sox / Yankees series this weekend?
Bay State businessman Aaron Kushner — often mentioned as a possible Globe buyer — bought a West Coast chain last June, leading some to speculate whether he’s dropped his bid for the Hub broadsheet. Meanwhile, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, said it offered buyouts yesterday to as many as 10 employees in the news, advertising, and human resources departments, and laid off one worker, according to the paper’s website.
I'd say Kushner's dropped his bid - what's your bet? Where's the value here?
“Today the New England Media Group made funeral arrangements difficult decisions as part of a program to rebalance the business so we could continue to invest in our digital future while providing the highest quality journalism that our readers and advertisers expect from us,” the Times said in a statement.
Wouldn't 135 Morrissey Boulevard make a great dormitory building for UMass-Boston?


Anonymous said...

The Globe has always pandered to the chosen ones, be it the mgt of a sports teams, politicians and fed/state/town/county hacks, being less than concise in their reporting/boot licking.

It's unfortunate because there are/were some outstanding writers who unfortunately are associated with that political rag.

The globe doesn't report news as much as opinions.

Anonymous said...

if the weekday globe gets any thinner i'm going to ask the delivery boy to slide iy under my door.